Where am I?

Where am I?

Both Bourgeois and Bohemian, conventional and wild, I am a Mama that craves space – mental as well as physical. I often suffer from itchy feet: a desire to break free of the matrix and my orderly, domestic life; a need to court my chaotic, shadow side. Luckily, my partner shares my restlessness. The result? 3 small kids, 2 crazy adults, 1 year travelling the world…

In August 2016 we left our comforting but stultifying, provincial milieu to explore different settings. Ones that were perhaps more remote, perhaps more dangerous but definitely more exciting, just because they were new. It was time for us to be The Other. To be spontaneous and step into the unknown; to see what else life had in store for us.

Our motto for the year was to live ‘like locals’: fewer countries, longer stays. To take the time to adjust to living abroad and to get under the skin of a place rather than just passing through.

Did we achieve our goals? Yes. Are we different? Definitely. In what way? Read my 21 travel adventure blogs to find out!

And to see our progress on a map click here!

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