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Stop, Ground, Breathe…

Stop, Ground, Breathe…

Today I woke up in a BAD mood.

It started when I realised that I still hadn’t got rid of my sore throat and flu-like symptoms which meant I’d have to forgo yet another day of my usual exercises (stationary mama = bad mood mama). As the morning progressed and I snapped more frequently and with increasing irritation at family members, I could feel that my hormones were on the rampage (day 21 = bullshit radar is on full volume / minimum tolerance settings). I then discovered that the vastly expensive Xmas tree that arrived yesterday is covered in mud, totally lopsided and won’t stand up straight. And to top it all off, I spent most of the morning trying – and failing – to get my head around social media marketing. All of which left me in a bit of a tizz…

Luckily however, (for those around me), I’m now quite good at observing my emotions. So I knew that I did actually have a CHOICE about whether to continue down the road to overwhelm or whether to take quick remedial action.

And since it was too early for wine and I was too ill to go to yoga, I tried to channel my inner mindfulness guru instead:

i) I sat down on the floor (the nearer you can get to the earth the quicker you can ‘ground’)⠀
ii) I felt the support and solidity of the floor, and how it had ‘got me’⠀
iii) I breathed: long, deep, slow, belly breaths⠀
iv) I said out loud, 3 times, along with my out breaths: “I feel supported” (3 is a sacred number and it’s always worth faking it until you make it)⠀
v) I looked outside at the trees: always there, strong but flexible, neither overwhelmed nor anxious, just alive ⠀
vi) I smiled (see above re faking it to make it)⠀

And I felt better!

Because I had become present: aware of my body and its surroundings rather than letting my inner bully/depressive/neurotic run the show. ⠀

I’ve also been staring at this photo, taken of our local beach this time last year when we lived in Koh Samui for a month. It reminds me that we CAN create our own reality and that anything is possible if you are bold enough: we dared to take our kids out of school, to take our jobs on the road, to pack up our house and exit the matrix, all in order to find our true selves on a year-long travel adventure. And we’re back. And it worked.

So if any of you are also feeling a bit pants, try doing something that brings you into the now: stop, sit, ground, breathe, affirm and connect to Nature.

And remember, I’m there alongside you…⠀

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What is keeping you stuck in your box?

What is keeping you stuck in your box?

Isn’t it just SO damn easy to get caught up in the day to day routine of life: work, juggling chores and kids – and then use that as an excuse that you are too exhausted to do anything new? 

At least, that’s what I do…

For me, the thought of going out is usually never a good one – my inner protector tells me I should stick to the familiar go-tos: staying in to rest, catching up with my partner over a glass of wine or practising my yoga.

But when I allow my inner adventurer out – the one that couldn’t care less about waking up tired, the one who is curious and excited to try out new things – I end up having a ball! And feeling tired, yes, but rejuvenated!

Which is what happened on Wednesday at The Honeysuckle Review, run by my beautiful and talented burlesque dancer cum mermaid cum priestess friend, Demi. (Yeah, she’s pretty cool).

It made me realise that I had arrogantly forgotten that a world outside of my own even existed. Because that’s what happens when you never challenge yourself to peek outside of the box you have constructed around yourself.

Boxes are good. They keep us safe and content. But sometimes we need to make the box a little bigger, to make room for something new. Because it is the new – something different, something scary, something adventurous – that brings freedom. A sense of being truly ALIVE! 

And we ALL deserve a bit of that…

  • Which excuses are keeping you in a comfortable (but narrow) box? 
  • What could you say YES to that you would previously not have considered? 
  • How can you include a bit of adventure into your weekend? 

Share with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear!

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How the Goddess Lilith got me out of my funk…

How the Goddess Lilith got me out of my funk…

Meet Lilith. A Middle-Eastern goddess of abundance and fertility (she gifted humans with agriculture) as well as death and transformation. Pretty powerful, eh?

I picked this beauty from my Goddesses Knowledge Cards pack last week and she’s been perched on my laptop ever since.

Not just because of the abundance – after all, we could all do with a bit of abundance – but also because of her story.

I was feeling a bit fragile as well as angry last week (solar eclipse + heavy work load + 14 weeks of 3 small kids at home with me + pre-menstrual + trying to work out what my soul “message” was = overwhelm), so the fact that she was the first woman created and the first wife of Adam “who refused to be subordinate to him in any way” inspired me. In a just-get-out-of-your-own-head-and-start-seeing-the-bigger-picture kind of way.

Because that is my kind of feminism: refusing to be subordinate to ANYONE. Not out of defensiveness or from a place of aggression. But out of a place of self-worth. The energy is very different. Lilith honours who she is by respecting her own needs, dreams and desires. She sees these as equal to anyone else’s.

For when you are truly empowered, there is no need to put anyone else down in order to feel good about yourself. There isn’t a finite amount of “feel-good pie” which requires one to have less than the other.

We are all entitled to abundance, self-worth, success, fulfillment and happiness. Every single one of us. And wishing for it for yourself DOES NOT mean that someone else has to make do with less. There is more than enough to go round.

True empowerment comes from within. A knowing that you are unique and beautiful and a gift to the world, whatever your flaws, whatever your imperfections and deepest secrets.

And Lilith models this beautifully because she is also associated with the lotus – that gorgeous flower that blossoms out of dark, decaying earth.

The symbolism here is that Lilith therefore encourages, and challenges us, to integrate our own darkest shadows however they manifest in us. She inspires us to look at the aspects of us that we prefer to keep private because they are shameful or “not nice” – our meanness, our superiority, our unkindness, our manipulation, our viciousness for example – and accept that they are indeed part of us.

Because when we can do this, they then have less of a hold over us.  We can can control them or choose whether or not to act out upon the impulse behind them. We become aware: conscious not just instinctual.

And that leads to FREEDOM…

THIS is what I needed to be reminded of last week. When I was feeling overwhelmed, emotional and frustrated. Lilith inspired me to own all of my feelings, even the “negative” ones, to love and accept that part of myself, and then from a place of wholeness and self-worth – subordinate to no-one – to pick myself up and get on with being me. Unique and flawed and precious. Just as I am. Just as you are.

Lilith helped me see the bigger picture. I’d love to know if and how Lilith resonates with you? Let me know in the comments below! 


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What’s your relationship elixir?

What’s your relationship elixir?


With Friends. Partners. Kids. Parents. Siblings. Colleagues. Teachers.

Some last for just a set period of time as you grow together and learn what you need to learn about yourself at that moment; some last for a lifetime.

What they have in common though is their importance. Indeed, more than important, they are VITAL.

Because we are social creatures. We crave connection. Meaningful connection with others. A sense of belonging. Of being accepted. For who we are, not who we feel or have been told we ‘should’ be.

For who else picks us up when we are down? Who else validates us when we really need it? Because let’s face it, even though we’re “meant” to be able to validate ourselves and we’re meant not to need to rely on others for proof of our worth, sometimes it really, really helps to know that others think you are really, really great, just as you are.

For me, the key to experiencing a meaningful connection with someone else – whoever that is – is honesty. Honesty in how you express yourself and honesty about what you are REALLY feeling at any one time. Radical honesty. Which is NOT easy. But gifting yourself that lays a beautiful foundation for deep connection and one in which you feel really valued for who you are not just for the mask you are showing others.

These are just some of the things I like to explore in my coaching sessions. Please let me know if you want to learn more : )

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Phoenix rising…

Phoenix rising…

“I LOVE and APPROVE of myself,

I LET GO of all of my WORRIES and FEARS,

Like a phoenix, from the ashes I RISE


I first heard this mantra two days ago in my yoga class and made a mental note to use it myself as well as to share it on this page. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up my life: cool idea – implement myself – share on social media to inspire others. (It comes with some pretty nifty, swooping body movements which make it even more powerful).

Every line is so individually powerful and I particularly like the symbol of the phoenix – so apt at this time of year – and so personally spot on given the turning point at which I find myself right now: four and a bit months into a year-long travel adventure discovering foreign lands and equally foreign parts of myself. This year was always going to be a catalyst for the creative destruction of the old and a re-birth of what is truly authentic.

And serendipitously, this notion was made concrete yesterday on our first-day-of-the-year-trip-to-the-beach-for-a-cleansing-swim-in-the-sea. I had just spent the last minute whining out loud about how much I was missing my jewellery and that all I REALLY WANTED was a long necklace (I bravely left all accessories at home bar my large platinum hoops. Those that have known me a while can testify that these don’t really count as adornments since they are pretty much a part of my ears after no less than 31 years’ consistent wear). Next my beautiful new friend plonked a pretty, red, silk bag on my lap. And what was in it? Just something she had felt should be mine when she saw it: a gorgeous, LONG, pendant necklace of a phoenix.

(Now that’s manifesting for you!)

So I now have a mantra and a talisman, both of which feature a phoenix. Each was delivered to me within one day of the other. I am taking this as a sign that I should add this powerful animal totem to my arsenal of spiritual guides for 2017: the goddess (Oshun) and my word for the year (Pleasure). Which is pretty cool. I might just become invincible.

The mythical phoenix is also a universal archetype though and for that reason I’m going to share it with you; to offer you some of its purifying, creative energy to ease you into the New Year.

Happy (continual) re-birthing into the very best version of yourself you can be!

BoboMama xx

Art by Christian Schloe (doves not phoenixes but a beautifully evocative image no less)

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I am an Emotional Creature…

I am an Emotional Creature…

Today I am feeling fragile. Emotional. I have been doing some deeeeep digging inside and so now, I am trying to be kind to myself. Not be greedy with my body and take more than it is able to give me. And instead of making excuses for this state of mind or “snapping” myself out of it as the old me would have done, I am going to honour it by posting this earthshatteringly awesome song by Boe Huntress with lyrics that are actually a poem written by Eve Ensler (author of the Vagina Monologues).

I have already adopted it as my theme for my women’s circles and play it at the end of each meetup in order to remind ourselves just how perfectly brilliant we are. So for anyone that is not feeling the love at being a girl right now, this is for you. I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE. Are you??

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Busking poetry

Busking poetry

Late last year I took part in a four week course on the magic of holding circles. It allowed me to hone my intuitive skills and learn more about the art of holding space as well as pushing me to delve yet deeper into what my unique circle medicine really is. It gave me the confidence to run my own local, fortnightly women’s circles and I feel comforted and energised by the fact that I am not alone. Indeed I am part of a growing global sisterhood of women who have all felt the call to lead circles either in their neighbourhoods or online with the desire to help people to connect to their authentic selves and dedicate time to listening to their inner voices. To feel, to release. To stop the glorification of BUSY!

One of these sisters recently went to a word and music event in Dublin, Ireland and came across this ‘busking poet’. The way it works is that the poet asks you for a topic, who it’s for and then writes away. She asked him to write a poem for us.


That someone can channel this kind of magic on the spot and create such an incredible piece of art in exchange for a donation and call it busking blows me away. It gave me goosebumps reading it. I had to share. What a gift!

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My Word Goddess Reading

My Word Goddess Reading

Finding time to rest and reconnect over the busy Xmas period can seem like an impossible task. With overindulgence in terms of food and alcohol the buzzword at this time of year as well as being assaulted by all sorts of means to distract ourselves from our inner harmony including television and unnecessary consumerism, it can be hard to transition consciously through this end-of-year period of introspection to fully embrace the possibilities brought by a new year.

If you would like a tool to help you on your way, I would like to recommend a My Word Goddess Reading from Amy Palko. She will source the goddess for you who will be there to guide and support you, prompt you and highlight exactly which parts of you are ready for healing and transformation. I just received my reading today and it feels so right. I am excited to be starting the new year hand in hand with this goddess and my word for the year has already got me thinking about the new possibilities the year will bring on a deeper, more intuitive level. I for one intend to make next year the most intuitive, magical, balanced one yet. Here’s to your magical 2016!

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Happiness is…

Happiness is…

This is one of my favourite images. Why? Well, quite simply, because it makes me smile. Every single time I look at it. It can’t fail to. Because I was there when the image was created. Right there in my back garden, minding my own business. It was one of those glorious, sunny, cloudless days – you can feel the heat just by looking at that blue, can’t you – and somewhere up above someone was taking a plane out for a spin. It seemed pretty close so I looked up and to my amazement this wasn’t any old spin – the pilot had drawn a heart!


And then they added a kiss either side! And then they drew a smiley face! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I often wonder whether it was for anyone in particular or whether they were just out having a ball making whoever looked up before the cloud sketch dispersed in the wind, smile in appreciation. The fact that it was ephemeral makes it even more beautiful I think. They certainly made my day. And now their hard work is my logo. Now I bet that would make them smile….

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What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

The list of things that make this woman happy is so delightfully simple. And so honest!

So many of us in the west, with its abundance of stuff to buy, to eat and to do, lose sight of what we really need to make us happy. Of course we can all say world peace and health and food for everyone a la Miss World – those general and slightly abstract desires that don’t really touch our inner needs. But if I asked you what are four things that really make YOU happy, what would you say?

Mine are 1) to feel the hot sun on my body 2) to dance to great house music 3) to be pampered with a massage or beauty treatment 4) to receive a hug from my kids. Sadly I live in a country that doesn’t “do” summer and I have only been dancing twice in 7 years but I do at least get hugs from the kids. And I’ve only got 9 months to wait before I get some sun on holiday. But I can book myself in for some pampering. And I do. Regularly. Because even though you might sometimes feel “selfish” to act upon your personal desires and to put yourself before others, we actually help others by helping ourselves. Because our actions allow others to put themselves first too. The more we take a break and look after our own happiness, and the more fulfilled we become as a result, the more we radiate that contentment out into our circle of friends and family. They benefit from our “selfishness” and instead it becomes “self-care”.

What could you do today that is purely and totally for your own benefit? That will allow you to be happy and thus pass on that happiness?

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