Who am I? ?>

Who am I?

I am Bourgeois and Bohemian; a doting (and often not-so-doting), Mama of three. I am conformist and eccentric; conventional as well as wild. I am an introvert loner and an extrovert narcissist; I hold the energies of both Buddha and Warrior.

In short, I am a walking contradiction: I rarely eat fish or meat but love Champagne and foie gras; I vote Green, hug trees, am anti-war and ‘drive’ a cargo bike but read Vogue, love fast cars, send my children to private school and dream of multiple homes in global destinations. I am an over-educated product of the patriarchal establishment (boarding school, Westminster, Oxford) but chose wine as my day job, host women’s circles in the evening and in my spare time, write a blog about living authentically. I can choose to look corporate with my glossy ponytail, towering heels and designer accessories but my nose ring hints at the hidden hippy inside whose secret desire is for bare skin and a head full of dreadlocks.

This bipolar split not only defines me, I thrive off it. I need both sides: disciplined and feral. But it is also confusing and it often helps to write about it. So BoboMama is about trying to live somewhere in the middle, about finding balance and making sense of life as a multi-tasking feminist, mama entrepreneur. It is also here to document our travel adventure: 3 kids, 2 adults, 1 year to explore the world living ‘like locals’. We left the UK in August 2013.

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